Brian Bell will soon reach the finish

While Glenn and Spencer were in Pelly Crossing last night, the entire rest of the remaining support crew went to Pelly Farm. It was great there! More news about it later. Now we are back in Pelly Crossing and waiting for Brian Bell to cross the finish line. 

John and Eliot, James and Robert, Gabriela and Pietro are travelling as teams and all are good. John is in a lot of pain due to blistered toes. So, it will be a slow journey now for them. But they have got plenty of time. We will check on them again later today. 

Around - 40° C in some spots last night ...

Photos and more detailed news will follow later on.

At 16:13 Torben Jensen from Denmark arrives at the 300 mile finish

One of Torben's knees is hurting and he still has got shin splints. I have always had the impression it would not stop him and I was right. He arrived to a warm welcome by the crew, 300 mile finisher Johnny and fellow racers Stefan and Jorgen (who came up all the way from Whitehorse to see Torben finish). 

Torben is now resting and will drive back with the others to Whitehorse tonight. Safe trip everyone!

Meanwhile Brian is still at Pelly Farm and I am sure enjoying the great hospitality there. All other athletes are on their way to the farm. Soon Glenn and Spencer will be back and I will know how they are doing. 

The temperatures last night went down to - 40 ° C in some places on the river. I can't say it often enough. I am very impressed how they are all handling these low temperatures. Still no frostbites.

Waiting for Torben

Gary and Josh checked on all athletes on the course just now. They are all doing good. Their SPOTs are working. So, you can follow them on their final stages to the finish line.

Eliot and John were the last ones arriving into Pelly Crossing this early morning. They were knackered but fine. Still making lots of jokes. Although I think when Diane treated John's bilsters there definitely was no smile to be seen. They alread left for the next checkpoint.

James and Robert are on their way to Pelly Farm. The rest in Pelly Crossing did them good. Robert's back seemed better and I am sure they will like the experience on the Pelly River today. 

Brian Bell from Ireland was also feeling good and enjoyed to talk to the guides on the trail. He will have a great time on Pelly Farm. I hope he does not get too comfortable, though. 

Mei who is our first participant from China and finished the 100 miles went on to volunteer afterwards. She did a wonderful job and now is on her way to Pelly Farm. On foot. As she wants to gain a bit more experience and hopefully come back in 2015 to do the 430 mile distance.

I will now bring Anais and Laure-Anne to Pelly Farm to help there with arriving athletes. Nic will come back to Pelly Crossing with me. On the way out we will see Torben and cheer him on. His friend and 300 mile winner Johnny and also Diane are there to congratulate him when he crosses the finish line.

Gabriela and Pietro from Italy who continue their race unranked are on the Pelly River now, too. They will get some beautiful footage for their video/TV project.

Temperature were very cold last night and continue to be cold. I would not be surprised if it got close to - 40 in some spots on the rivers and lakes. Still everybody is handling this challenge really well.

Johnny Andersen breaks 300 mile record

Danish athlete Johnny Andersen arrives at the 300 mile finish February 4th at 14:10. Not only does this mean he won the race but with this time he also broke the record for the foot category by more than 2 hours. And that is not even taking into account  the time he was held at McCabe. So, we all congratulate him. That was an incredible achievement. Apart from the shin splints which are not too bad he is fine and now resting at Pelly Crossing.

Torben is still in pain with his legs but he endured it to here and I am sure he will have enough motivation to reach the finish. Right now he is at Pelly Farm where Nic and Dale take care of him. 

Earlier today I saw Brian Bell arrive in Pelly Crossing. He was still going strong but he did admit that he is getting a bit tired. He is currently resting. 

The last athletes to reach Pelly Crossing were James Binks and Robert Hodges. Robert has some back problems. James is fine. They will have a rest and then head out to the farm.

Eliot and James who form team Eliot Edward Endurance are on their way to Pelly Crossing. When I saw them this morning they were fine. Tired but fine. Those two have a great humor. It's really fun to see them at the checkpoints because they may have had a really rough time on the trail but they keep their positive attitude. And that's key. 

Gabriela and Pietro were driven to McCabe and continue their race unranked. They both actually are in great shape. I guess they just misjudged their speed a bit. And I am sure their filming project cost them some valuable time, too (they are filming their experience for Italian TV).

All in all I am really impressed about how the athletes are handling the - 30 degree temperatures. No signs of frostbite so far. 

Johnny Wulff Andersen trying to break the 300 mile record

Johnny did not have spare batteries. That is why his SPOT stopped working. He made it to Pelly Farm, slept there and left early this morning. He wants to get to the finish by 3:00 PM which means he would break the current record.

Everybody else is doing fine. We will close the Carmacks checkpoint now and move up North. 


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