New YAU website soon to be launched

At the moment a lot of work is going to a re-design of our YAU website. After more than 10 years it is about time ... At the same time we willl feature a new logo design, too.

Signing up before end of August

If you know for sure you want to participate in the YAU 2014, I recommend you sign up before end of August after that entry fees will go up again. If you have any doubts or questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Welcome to all athletes on the race roster so far

It looks like we are going to have a strong field of entrants for the 100 miles next year! However, I am sure we will soon also see some more 300 milers. In any case I want to welcome you all and hope you have a good time preparing.

YAU 2014 start date confirmed

As you may have already seen on our "Welcome" page next year's start date has been confirmed. The YAU 2014 will take place from January 30th to February 7th. All those of you keen on signing up please email me and I will send you the Application & Waiver.

How and where do you get information about the YAU?

There are many things you can do to be up to date.

  • There is our website with our section.
  • You can read Jessica Simon's crime thriller "From Ice to Ashes" based on the Yukon Arctic Ultra - I think we are the only ultra race in the world which has ever been the setting for such a book. It's fun to read and you learn a bit about the race. I have 8 signed copies here if you want to order one (CAD 20.00 plus shipment). Otherwise, please try Amazon or similar.
  • Another must read book is Mark Hines book on the Yukon Arctic Ultra. If you search Mark's name on Amazon you will get to the book. This one is not fiction. It's a detailed story about how Mark has experienced the YAU and very informative.
  • You can watch Scott Gilmour's documentary of the YAU 2011 free of charge and online see right on our website or if you follow this link:
  • Join us on facebook to ask questions any time; see link on our website or go to:
  • And of course ask any questions any time via phone or email (see Contact details)


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  • 01 October 2017
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    Fall is here and temperatures are getting colder. This usually means I get asked more and more questions about the upcoming MYAU, e.g. re. timings, flight bookings, accommodation, etc. Therefore, I wa...




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