A cold day

This morning it was - 30 degrees Celsius and it has not warmed up a lot. However, all athletes are handling the cold very well by now.

Unfortunately, James Innes had to scratch. He got a ride in with our guides. Enrique made it on his on and a long time before cut-off but will likely not continue.

Everybody else is doing well. Florian is now on his way to Pelly Farm and if he does not run into any unexpected difficulties he should win. First on foot is Jan but there is a race now. When Gavan came to Pelly Crossing and realised Jan had just left he did not stop for long. It will be interesting to follow those two guys now.

Bikers Tim and Wolfgang are on their way to Pelly Crossing. 66 year old Wolfgang is amazing. The things he has done in his sporting life are pretty crazy - amongst them a Deca Triathlon (38 km swim, 1,800 km bike, 422 km run). How is that for a start?

Also going strong are Bernadette Benson and Davide Lugato. Both on their way to Pelly Crossing.

Florian reaches Pelly Crossing

At 14:45 today fatbiker Florian reached Pelly Crossing. Since he really cold feet going through overflow he decided to get another good rest before he leaves for Pelly Farm.

Florian on the trail

Florian leaving Carmacks - copyright: Derek Crowe

Tim who is in second position got to McCabe a bit later. He will rest now, too. Everybody else still in the race is doing fine. Michael Haenel is struggling a bit with chafing but fingers crossed it won't stop him. Jan Kriska is leader in the foot category and currently also at McCabe.

Gavan Hennigan is not too far behind Jan. And behind him is Wolfgang Kulow on bike. Third in the foot category is currently Bernadette Benson. All of them are going really strong. Next are Davide Lugato and Hugo Smith.

Daniel Heon just left Carmacks at 19:55. Brian Bougourd is resting here and plans to leave at 4 AM. Everybody else is on the way to Carmacks and should make it before the cut-off tomorrow at 10:30 PM.

Brian Bougourd

Brian Bougourd out on the trail - copyright: Derek Crowe

Another beautiful day

We have seen most athletes come into Braeburn today. Right now there is only 100 miler and xc-skier Thomas Keller still out there. He will be here a long time before cut-off. To take on the challenge of skiing in this event is a tough one. It seems obvious that skiing would be a great method of travel in the coldest and toughest ultra marathon in the world - there's plenty of snow and the trail is relatively flat - who wouldn't want to ski it? Well I can tell you the trail is not best for skiing - there are many places where it is so undulating that to get up a good, consistent rhythm for fast skiing is nigh on impossible. This is why the skiers often are slow and so we should applaud Thomas Keller for his patience and endurance on what can be a very frustrating trail.

For the 300 miles things are in full swing. Braeburn Lodge has been really busy for Steve and his fabulous crew of chefs, bringing out enormous burgers and cinnamon buns for hungry athletes. Last night headquarters was busy too with both cabins full of tired, snoring volunteers and guides and the office buzzing with journalists and photographers uploading their photos and stories.

Don Banks was in his element cooking the best pizza in the Yukon for a hungry bunch of guides (and Race HQ). There have been a small number of people who have had to end their race early due to medical issues - it seems unfair when we prepare so well for something only for our stupid bodies to let us down! But one's personal health and safety should always take priority over an event - after all the Yukon will still be here next year - as so many other returning athletes can testify - there's always another race another year.

So currently the bikers are in the lead. Florian already left for McCabe where he plans on getting a good rest. Tim is resting at Carmacks which is an indoor check point with some elements of luxury - this is one of the few check points where the athletes can take a shower. What a blissful though after travelling in the freezing cold for over 36 hours. :-) And if anyone has time they can have a curling match on the indoor curling rink!

News from Dog Grave Lake checkpoint is that it is now closed as all the athletes have come through and the crew there have packed it down and are back in to Braeburn ready for some more crewing of further checkpoints. No more reports of frostbite which is great.

Diane is in Carmacks where she is waiting for Jan Kriska who is our leading runner in the 300 mile race.

David Hirschfeld and Michael Faergegaard finish 100 miles

David Hirschfeld (USA) reached the 100 mile finish at 16:50 yesterday placing 2nd. Michael Faergegaard (Denmark) followed in the evening to take rank 3. Both were tired but in good shape. David already went back to Whitehorse, together with his friend and race volunteer Bob Scott. Michael will get he shuttle back this morning.

Fabio Faria from Canada who is in the 300 mile race had to scratch at Dog Grave Lake. He will come out with the crew when they leave for Braeburn.

All other athletes in the back have reached Dog Grave Lake. In the front Tim Sommers (Australia) and Florian Reiterberger (Germany) are leading with their fatbikes. Both are resting for the night at Ken Lake and will reach Carmacks later today.

In the foot category Jan Kriska (USA) is currently a short distance ahead of Gavan Hennigan from Ireland.

Braeburn sees a busy night and volunteers Damaris and Richard are in charge of the CP while Diane is getting a rest. I am sure both really are looking forward to some sleep! It has been a long day and night!

Michele Graglia from Italy wins 100 mile race

Michele arrived at the Braeburn 100 mile finish line after 21h 56min. Only local athlete Justin Wallace managed to have a better time in 2012. Congratulations Michele! Really well done.

Michele Finish

Later this morning we had to bring Virginia Sarrazin by ski-doo from Dog Grave Lake to Braeburn. She go frostbite on her toes. Luckily nothing that will last but enough to have to stop racing. Virgina is already back in her hometown Whitehorse.

Domenico Barbalace from Italy will also come out on ski-doo. Due to back problems and a bit of frostbite he pushed his SPOT help-button.

In the meantime, Florian Reiterberger from Germany is leading the field of 300 milers. He is on his way to Ken Lake where the crew is ready to welcome him. He said he would just take it easy ... Bavarian understatement I guess ...

Just heard from Dog Grave Lake that John Dennis also had to scratch or was told to better stop. He has got a chest infection and will travel south on ski-doo with Tony and Ross.

Everybody else seems to be doing okay right now.



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