David Hirschfeld and Michael Faergegaard finish 100 miles

David Hirschfeld (USA) reached the 100 mile finish at 16:50 yesterday placing 2nd. Michael Faergegaard (Denmark) followed in the evening to take rank 3. Both were tired but in good shape. David already went back to Whitehorse, together with his friend and race volunteer Bob Scott. Michael will get he shuttle back this morning.

Fabio Faria from Canada who is in the 300 mile race had to scratch at Dog Grave Lake. He will come out with the crew when they leave for Braeburn.

All other athletes in the back have reached Dog Grave Lake. In the front Tim Sommers (Australia) and Florian Reiterberger (Germany) are leading with their fatbikes. Both are resting for the night at Ken Lake and will reach Carmacks later today.

In the foot category Jan Kriska (USA) is currently a short distance ahead of Gavan Hennigan from Ireland.

Braeburn sees a busy night and volunteers Damaris and Richard are in charge of the CP while Diane is getting a rest. I am sure both really are looking forward to some sleep! It has been a long day and night!

Michele Graglia from Italy wins 100 mile race

Michele arrived at the Braeburn 100 mile finish line after 21h 56min. Only local athlete Justin Wallace managed to have a better time in 2012. Congratulations Michele! Really well done.

Michele Finish

Later this morning we had to bring Virginia Sarrazin by ski-doo from Dog Grave Lake to Braeburn. She go frostbite on her toes. Luckily nothing that will last but enough to have to stop racing. Virgina is already back in her hometown Whitehorse.

Domenico Barbalace from Italy will also come out on ski-doo. Due to back problems and a bit of frostbite he pushed his SPOT help-button.

In the meantime, Florian Reiterberger from Germany is leading the field of 300 milers. He is on his way to Ken Lake where the crew is ready to welcome him. He said he would just take it easy ... Bavarian understatement I guess ...

Just heard from Dog Grave Lake that John Dennis also had to scratch or was told to better stop. He has got a chest infection and will travel south on ski-doo with Tony and Ross.

Everybody else seems to be doing okay right now.

A great first day

The Montane Yukon Arctic Ultra (MYAU) 2016 started on time yesterday, at 10:30 AM at Shipyard’s Park in Whitehorse. It was very windy but relatively mild. The “warm” temperatures also meant that the trail was pretty soft at the beginning. But further down the track the ground got harder. So, great for marathon runners and our bikers. And even the xc-skiing was quite okay.

The marathon did indeed prove to be a fast race - the winner - David Eikelboom from Whitehorse came in to the finish at Rivendell Farm after 3 hrs 25 minutes. Of course cyclist Joel Hegner was first in the Mountain Bike Category with a winning time of 3 hrs 19 minutes. The trail was solid and the weather balmy with blue skies and sunshine. Who could ask for better conditions? It was only during the ride back to Whitehorse that marathon competitor Corey Nislow revealed he had just popped up from Vancouver for the day to do the marathon and was due on the afternoon flight home - how's that for confidence in running time - and so he should be with a fast time of 3 hours 58 mins. Love your dedication Corey! The full results are now in the results table now.

Once the marathoners had come through the rest of the competitors either stopped for a break at Rivendell or continued on - someone who wasn't going to stop was Michele Graglia aiming to finish the 100 miles in record time. As always the cyclists were ahead of the game and it soon became apparent that Florian and Tim were racing each other. As day light faded the temperatures dropped but not too drastically and by all accounts most people had a fairly comfortable night. And if they were lucky they may have seen some good Northern Lights along the trail. And so, on to day 2 ...

White gas to be handed out at Coast Mountain Sports

From tomorrow onwards MYAU participants can fill their fuel bottles with white gas at Coast Mountain Sports in Whitehorse. If you want to make use of this free of charge service please do bring your own fuel bottles as the gas will be poured from 4 litre canisters. Thank you to all Coast Mountain Sports staff for helping with this!

Unfortunately, there is no Primus winter gas because there have been customs issues again. Primus have changed the shipment process but it's still not working.

MYAU Facebook group

A great source for frequent news on the MYAU is our facebook group. It's also great because anybody who is a member can post updates, pictures, etc. If you do use facebook please join! It's fun to watch how the excitement is building up.

Trail news

As we already expected, the trail will have more overflow than normal. With a bit of luck a lot of it will freeze by Feb. 4th. But I am sure there will be enough left. So, Neo Overshoes are strongly recommended.

There is likely also more ice. Therefore, everyone should have Yaktrax or similar in order to get some grip.

Right now it also looks like the Pelly River is so rough that we can't use it on the way from Pelly Crossing to Pelly Farm. It looks like we will be going out to Pelly Farm on the farm road and coming back on it again.


I may have said this before but I will say it again. All participants please read the rules and make sure you are familiar with them.

SPOT update

The SPOT units from Trackleaders.com are scheduled to arrive Feb. 3rd. So, it does look very likely that these will be handed out at the dinner rather than at the briefing.

Everyone please make sure you get the right batteries for them (see previous updates).

Once the race is on everyone at home just needs to click on the Trackleaders.com logo on our website to get to the page with the athlete's positions.

Trail Update

The following trail update just came from Gary who marked the river trail from Whitehorse to Rivendell Farm:

"I was out marking the river today. The warm weather last week added long sections of overflow on the Yukon and Tahkini river. Today I wish I had a jet ski and not my ski doo. This week is supposed to cool off and should be good. But I suggest neos or some sort of over boot for the overflow and be prepared for lenghty slippery, sloped ice sections. YAU trail never the same twice- live it!!!"



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