Rental Gear

All rental sleeping bags will be handed out in Whitehorse. In the past some European athletes already got their sleeping bags shipped to them prior to the race. Not this time. I am just mentioning this in case anybody who ordered one is wondering. I would also like to remind everyone renting a sleeping bag that it comes without a bivy bag and without a liner. Both of these products help giving some extra degrees of warmth and help keeping the sleeping bags clean. For that reason the liner is a must. Sleeping bags that are returned dirty will be cleaned at the expense of who rented. Bags with a damage will either be repaired or replaced and again any cost charged to the hirer. This goes for any rental gear. Therefore, all athletes with rental gear please have a good look at your gear before you start using it. Kind of like you would when renting a car …

Trail news

Trail news that are reaching us so far are surprisingly good. It looks like there are no issues with open water or more than the usual overflow. There is a lot of jumbled ice on Pelly River but I believe the rangers got the trail in already. Overall, there has been little snow but it seems just about enough and it snowed again a couple of days ago. I am always cautious, though. Things can change right until the day before we start. If there are any major changes I will inform again.

A message from Coast Mountain Sports

Very important for anyone who wants to buy kit in Whitehorse, e.g. Neo Overboots:

"Welcome to Coast Mountain Sports, Yukon’s largest outdoor store!


Coast Mountain Sports is located in the heart of downtown Whitehorse at 4th and Main Street. We are the largest and most complete outdoor store of the north. We carry most major brands of equipment and clothing. Our staff boasts an incredible wealth of knowledge and can offer guidance so that you may find the right clothing and equipment for your next adventure.

As the Montane Yukon Arctic Ultra may be your next adventure please feel free to contact me, Corina, (in English or German) if you require any assistance or would like to preorder any equipment or clothing. Please remember that shipping in the north takes longer. So, please place orders asap to ensure timely arrival. You may contact me via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

We welcome all MYAU athletes and wish you a wonderful adventure in the North! You can also find us at and please like our facebook page.

Cheers Corina"

Organisational stuff

Happy New Year everyone!

Some things to remember for all MYAU 2016 athletes:

  • If your name is still on the race roster but you already know that you can't come, please cancel your entry in writing (email is fine) asap. Otherwise, soon cancellation fees will apply.
  • Because we will be able to get enough rental units through the SPOTs will also be mandatory for the 100 miles. All Information about SPOTs are in previous news on If you bring your own SPOT and have not told me already, please do so asap.
  • Just a reminder that I will need the originals of all your forms in Whitehorse at the latest. So, if you have not sent me your originals, please bring these to the Yukon with you. If you did send me the originals please take your copies just in case.
  • Ultra distance athletes please do not forget about your medical forms and certificate. Without these forms you won't be able to participate.
  • Keep in mind the rule changes earlier this year, i.e. updated temperature rating for sleeping bag, down jacket fill weight requirement and that you need your own food for Dog Grave Lake CP. Also, please keep in mind that we will need to see proof of sufficient insurance cover.
  • The pre-race schedule you will find here: Please check it again before your departure to see if there are any changes (different locations, new times).

If you have any doubts at all on any of the above, please let me know. Especially the paperwork is important. And some of this is almost impossible to get organised once in Canada.

Derek Crowe race photographer at MYAU 2016

Not only did Derek Crowe help us with our new Fatbike. He also will be our race photographer for the MYAU 2016! Which is awesome because he is a Yukoner and knows the trail. As a matter of fact he finished the MYAU 2015 race to Dawson on his bike. He will not be able to join us on all 8 race days but I am sure he will still get many nice photos. Welcome to the team Derek Crowe! For some of his work please check out his website.

Derek Crowe

Derek Crowe at the MYAU 2015 - Copyright: Derek Crowe

The YAU-Fatbike is here!

As of now we can offer a special edition fatbike to anybody who wants to participate in the MYAU and needs wheels for it. This fatbike is also available to non-participants. Just before Christmas I got the first one and took it out for a test drive. It was fun!

DSC01620 web

Since I am not an expert myself, I was really lucky to get the support of Kevin Turek and MAXX-Bikes. Kevin is a very ambitious rider and has been working in a bike shop for years. He will also be the main contact for anybody interested in purchasing. MAXX-Bike is a market leader in custom bike production. CEO Uwe Matthies himself has been leading the project.

I also took the opportunity to gather important information on fatbiking in winter in one dedicated section which not surprisingly is called “Fatbiking” and can be found in Services area on If you have any questions, doubts or feedback, please let me know. Kevin’s contact details are: Cell +49 (0)177-267 8713 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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  • 11 December 2017
    SPOT tracking during MYAU 2018
    I just added information on our usage of SPOT trackers in the FAQ section. All athletes who participate next year should read it carefully. If you bring your own SPOT or Garmin inReach please let me ...




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