Primus to provide fuel again

As the Official Fuel Supplier, Primus will supply the participants with either LPG gas cartridges or, for colder conditions, white gas. LPG Gas is not just any gas. Its the Primus Winter Gas which was first launched 1 year ago. 

Winter Gas

The secret of this product is the Vapor Mesh, a special absorbent paper on the inside of the LPG cartridge. Increasing the surface from where the liquid pressurized gas can evaporate, it can be used at temperatures down –22° C compared to –12° C with conventional canisters. Although we do not recommend LPG gas stoves for the MYAU, we are fully aware that some athletes prefer this kind of set-up and have used it successfully. The innovative Primus Winter Gas will make this type of stove more reliable and it is of course great that we can give it out free of charge. But don’t worry that only LPG cartridges will be for free. Everybody who uses a stove that runs on white gas will get Primus PowerFuel free of charge, too. Details as to when and where the fuel will be handed out will follow.

Rental Stove Kit

Thanks to Primus we can also offer rental stoves. It is not easy to get liquid fuel stoves so clean that they actually don’t smell anymore. So traveling to Whitehorse (or back home) can be bit of a headache: There is no guarantee that security check at the airport are not going to keep your stove anyway. Not having to buy a stove can also help keep down cost and decrease luggage weight and volume. We rent out the Primus OmniLite Ti. It is light, state of the art and expedition proven. The rental package will also include a Primus Eta pot 1.0 l and the Primus Powerlighter. The recommended retail price of this package is EUR 284.85 (stove = EUR 229.95, pot = EUR 24.95, lighter = EUR 19.95). The rental fee will be EUR 80.00. For more details on this and all other rental gear please check the rental section on this website.

Update to rule #13

Yesterday I updated race rule #13. The basic message of this rule remains the same. Anybody participating in the MYAU needs to have sufficient insurance cover for medical emergencies. The new part is concerning the fact that from now on we need to see paperwork that proofs the existence of this insurance cover. I do not particularly like it as it adds to the "bureaucracy" of the race. However, circumstances left me with no other choice. And since it is in each participant's very own interest I hope it will not cause too many issues.

In general, it would be good if all athletes familiarize themselves with the race rules. Every now and then we have participants who seem totally unaware of some of the important information that is contained there. Needless to say that the consequence can be quite stressful - both for the participants and everyone involved in organising.

Carinthia new sleeping bag supplier

Our race in 2015 once again demonstrated that the low temperatures can bring the participants to their limit. -50 degrees Celsius caused a lot of problems. It it gets this cold you really want a perfect sleeping bag. That’s why I am very happy that Carinthia has joined the group of companies supporting the MYAU. The Austrian specialist company makes some of the world’s best products for the cold and the Carinthia ECC Expedition 1200 is now our official sleeping bag.


This product has got the unique DIScover (Dry Insulation System) feature. This system, designed and patented by Carinthia, ensures a quicker moisture transport and more effective way to get rid of humidity that would otherwise stay in the down – in this way you remain warmer and drier, especially during periods of extended use. Which is exactly what athletes in the 300 and 430 mile race are looking for. Overall it is probably the sleeping bag with the best warmth to weight ratio on the market. A fact that helps the management of space in any sled.

In general the specs of the ECC Expedition 1200 (size M) are great. 1,200 g CQ-Down™ snow goose down 95/5, 800 Cuin, trapezoidal baffle construction, differencial cut, pre-formed down lined thermo collar, zipper heat strip and overall great quality make this sleeping bag a perfect solution for the MYAU. The extreme temperature rating (DIN EN 13537) of – 65.2 degrees Celsius is more than our rules require. Its weight is around 1,890 g and the recommende retail price is EUR 1,149.99. Participants of the MYAU can rent the Carinthia ECC Expedition 1200 for EUR 250.00. For more details on Carinthia’s great range of products please visit

MYAU 2016 open for entries

The Application & Waiver for the Montane Yukon Arctic Ultra 2016 is ready. Anybody interested in signing up please send me an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Entry fees will go up after the end of May.

Any race veterans coming back please note that there have been some updates to the rules. Most importantly:

  1. The temperature rating for the sleeping bags was changed from -35 to -45 degrees Celsius (extreme range).
  2. There is now an expedition down jacket on the mandatory gear least with a minimum required down fill.
  3. Participants will now have to bring their own meal (recommended is an expedition meal that only requires boiling water) to the Dog Grave Lake checkpoint.

Once again I want to make clear that the mandatory gear list only states some of the most vital gear. It is there to guarantee survival in extreme weather situations and/or emergencies. However, it does not include all gear and clothing that of course an athlete should have. Anybody who is in doubt about what else to take a long, please get in touch with me. I will soon also have an English recommended gear list with advice ready.

Checking mandatory gear

On our facebook group we are having a vote as to whether all mandatory gear should be checked prior to race start. In past years only the sleeping system and stove lighting have been checked. So far, the majority is in favor of a complete check. If you want to voice your opinion on this, please do so in our facebook group. I will keep an eye on this and make a final call later in the year.

MYAU race photos now available for purchase

All MYAU 2015 race photos taken by Yann Besrest-Butler are now available on for purchase. And there are a lot more photographs than what had been posted on or in our facebook group. Yann worked very hard to be out on the trail as much as possible. It definitely was worth it. The photos are great! I hope you all enjoy them and buy plenty so Yann can come back in 2017 at the latest. Here is a message from him as to how the purchasing works:

"The official photos from Montane Yukon Arctic Ultra race 2015 are now online across 6 galleries. The galleries are ordered according to the photos that were taken between the checkpoints of each race distance. So if you did the 430 miler then there's a chance you'll be in all the galleries! If you would like to order digital downloads of your images, please make a note of the file number for these images (e.g. from the address bar and list them in the order form provided in the shop section of my site. If you choose the 'ALL' option, don't worry about listing all your file numbers. List just one and I will source the rest. I hope this all makes sense. I wanted to make this a click and pay process but with 1,000 images to choose from my site had a panic attack! Hope you like the photos as I sure had fun taking them. Please go ahead and 'LIKE' my Facebook page YBB Photography as I'll be posting a blog post of my turn events and favourite photos from the race. If you have any questions or require anything further, please do not hesitate to contact me (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). Cheers, Yann Besrest-Butler"


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