Don't forget your eTA

A quick reminder to all those travelling to Canada for the MYAU who are not Canadians: In case you do not have a valid eTA you will need to apply for one. This is the link: It can all be done online and is pretty straight forward.

Your multi-fuel stove does not work?

Many MYAU athletes use multi-fuel stoves. We recommend and rent out the Primus OmniLite Ti. Multi-fuel stoves are efficient and powerful. They get snow/ice melted quickly if need be. These stoves also are reliable when handled correctly and maintained well. However, any stove can have a problem at some point. In that case it is important that you know how to handle the situation. The following is a great video from Primus that shows you the basic trouble shooting procedures for Primus multi-fuel stoves. If you use a different product and don't know how to clean or repair it, please check out the internet for similar instructions.

Buying gear in Whitehorse

If you want to buy some gear at Coast Mountain Sports in Whitehorse and you want to make sure that whatever you need is there for you, please email Corina Zumer (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). Overshoes are a good example. Coast Mountain Sports have these and you may count on it. However, they may not have your size or preferred model. And the same may apply for other items you are interested in. If you contact Corina she can make sure whatever you need is ordered and/or put aside for you.

Check out our FAQ section

Fall is here and temperatures are getting colder. This usually means I get asked more and more questions about the upcoming MYAU, e.g. re. timings, flight bookings, accommodation, etc. Therefore, I want to just mention our FAQ section on the website. Anyone signed up for the race, please have a look at it. Also, if there are questions that you feel should be added, please do let me know.

Muktuk Adventures to become new Marathon Finish

In 2018 the Montane Yukon Arctic Ultra Marathon Finish and first checkpoint will be at Muktuk Adventures! It will be a great place for the organising team, athletes and local supporters to be. Not only is it very exciting to be at the kennel that was started by Yukon Quest legend Frank Turner and his wife Anne Tayler in 1995. Frank also happens to be one of the first to support our race - at a time when many thought that it is a bit "crazy".

Muktuk Adventures Logo 13 Colour

Participants and visitors will be able to see how a professional kennel and tourist operation is set up. And the dogs not out on a tour that day will certainly enjoy getting the attention of those of us who love dogs. All athletes who want to go mushing before or after the MYAU will also get a 20% discount from Muktuk Adventures. It's a great way to see the trail and experience this very traditional mode of transport. If you are interested, please let me know.


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  • 15 January 2018
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    Not much longer now! If you had a look at the recent temperatures you probably thought this is pretty crazy. First – 40° C and now + 4° C. The good news is that the forecast says it will...




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