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Robert Pollhammer

robert new 1Yes, that's me. Luckily Race Directors get to have some of the fun, too. But they also get to go into a nice warm place again when they feel like it.

Until the end of 2002 in my regular job I worked for TUI AG which is one of the world's leading companies in the tourism industry. I had to handle a variety of different projects, e.g. implementation of the new Masterbrand in the retail organisation, Sponsorship and Innovation Management.

After having been running marathons for a couple of years, I got into adventure racing. I have enjoyed this so much that

I have decided to use the knowledge which I have acquired through my job and combine it with my love for adventure and sports. This way the GREAT OUTDOORS was born. Since January 2003 I am able to work on the GREAT OUTDOORS full time. In doing so, I am fulfilling myself a dream. And it is my goal to help you do the same thing. Just in a slightly different way, I guess. I want you to be able to participate in the world's coldest and toughest human-powered winter ultra, the YUKON ARCTIC ULTRA.

People will think that you are absolutely crazy if you decide to do this. The way I look at it, people who have never faced such a challenge are a lot crazier. Those of you who have done similar races previously know what I am talking about. The feeling of finishing such a race won't be that new to you any more. However, for you it will be a new and exciting challenge and an event you won't want to miss.

See you in the Yukon.

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  • 11 December 2017
    SPOT tracking during MYAU 2018
    I just added information on our usage of SPOT trackers in the FAQ section. All athletes who participate next year should read it carefully. If you bring your own SPOT or Garmin inReach please let me ...




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