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Even though the YAU is a rather small event it has drawn quite an amazing amount of media attention over the years. Discovery Channel, ZDF, BBC, CBC and many more have featured our race. There have been numerous articles in running, lifestyle and general sports magazines all over the world. And of course many, many articles in newspapers.

If you warnt to write about the YAU or film our race, please let us know. We are more than happy to help with information. Regarding photography, we can provide some excellent imagery free of charge.

Some interesting statistics on the YAU you will find here (excel file 44.50 kB):

Tourism Yukon can help with some costs for journalists/film teams who can guarantee significant media coverage in Yukon's primary target markets (e.g. UK, Germany, Austria, France, Switzerland, Canada, USA, etc.). In order to find out if you may be able to get this kind of support, please contact us.

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  • 01 October 2017
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    Fall is here and temperatures are getting colder. This usually means I get asked more and more questions about the upcoming MYAU, e.g. re. timings, flight bookings, accommodation, etc. Therefore, I wa...




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